How a relationship counselor has helped my marriage

I love my wife very much, and all I have ever wanted was for our marriage to be happy and successful.  Unfortunately, as many marriages do, we had hit some rough times a few years back, and I began to get concerned that we were drifting apart.  Because I love my wife so much, the very last thing that I wanted was for us to get a divorce, and so I was willing to do anything in my power in order for us to save our marriage.  Thankfully, a very good friend of mine suggested that we go to a relationship counselor in order to see whether or not we would be able to work out our differences.  This was something that I had unfortunately not even considered before, but I decided that it seemed like a good idea.  My only concern was the fact that we would have to share intimate details of our relationship with a complete stranger, and that was something that I did not feel all that comfortable about.

    Of course, I also needed to discuss this with my wife, and so one night while we were having dinner, I mentioned the possibility of seeing a counselor in order to see whether or not it was something that she might be okay with.  While she had her reservations as well, I told her that my friend had seen this same counselor and that it had helped him and his wife through a very troublesome time in their own marriage, and, although things still are not perfect for them, they have been steadily getting better and they have both learned to understand and care for one another a whole lot better.  I told her that I would not really consider this sort of thing if it were not recommended by my friend and if he had not vouched for the specific counselor.  She agreed to go with me, and that began the next journey of ours together.

    We were both pretty nervous during that first appointment, as we really did not know what to expect at all.  Thankfully, the counselor was extremely comforting, and she did not try and pry into our lives.  Instead, she allowed us to talk to each other while she just sat back and listened to how we communicated.  This is something that made us both feel a whole lot more comfortable, and it was something that really helped us to open up doors and break down barriers so that we would be able to improve our marriage.

relationship counselor

    We have been seeing this same counselor for a few months now.  We go to see her once every week, and it has actually become something that both of us regularly look forward to.  One of the biggest problems with our marriage was the fact that neither of us really had time to talk about things, and going to this counselor has definitely helped us to open up to each other.