How do i choose the best large dog kennel?

Adding a pet to the family can be a challenge. For those who are trying to fit in an energetic pet that needs their own space at night or during the day when the family is away, an indoor kennel can be a good choice. Finding the best large dog kennel depends a lot on the dog in question, the needs of the family and (maybe a little) on the way the kennel will look in the decor of the room where it is kept.

Plastic versus Metal

There are dog crates that are solid plastic, ones that have metal bars with plastic trays in the bottom and very sophisticated options that are integrated into the room decor by looking like an end table or other wood furniture.

The cost for each of these is very different. Therefore, if cost is not an issue, considerations of look and strength to keep the dog contained become your primary concern. If your dog is the type to remain calm in the kennel and you are more concerned about the unsightly appearance of a metal or plastic kennel, then the best choice would be a sophisticated looking end table that happens to house your dog when necessary.

Another consideration is the ventilation of said kennel. If your dog needs more air, then a wire kennel is a good choice, plastic kennels and the ones that fit in with the furniture both may look better but they tend to limit air flow to your pet.

Room to Turn Around

A kennel needs to have enough room for your pet to stand comfortably and turn around. It also needs to have enough floor space inside so your pet can lay down and stretch out during sleep. For dogs that are left in the kennel during a long work day, this is especially important. Dogs need to be able to at least stretch during confinement, or they may have physical issues later on.

What Fits Your Home Best

This consideration is somewhat covered above in plastic versus metal. It is important to think about how the kennel looks in the home and how it makes everyone feel. It is also important to consider options like a soft-sided crate, which can be easily stored when not in use and which provides your dog comfort and security when it is needed. These are not ideal for dogs that are chewers or that have anxiety and try to escape their kennel. However, they can work for dogs that simply need their own space in the home, and one plus is that soft-sided crates are better-looking than their plastic and metal counterparts. Again, for the best look, consider the so-called fashion crates, which incorporate the kennel into the look of the furniture in the room.

best large dog kennel

Buying a kennel for your pet provides him or her a place that is their own and is safety during a chaotic time in the home. It can also cut down on damage to property when the pet is home alone. Make sure your pet has the right space and you’ll benefit as well.