Reasons to Become a Blogger

Are you tired of feeling as though you do not have a way to properly communicate with others? Do you want a place where you can share your thoughts on different topics? Or are you in a situation where you have some very good writing work, but you do not know where you can post it? If you are answering yes to any of these questions, or all of them, you are the type of person who should be starting a blog. And even if the concept seems crazy to you – we promise that it will start to make sense very soon.

If you have a lot to say, a blog is perfect for you. When you own such a site, and you are the one who is responsible for what goes on the site, it means that you have full control. And that seems scary at first. But when you realize that it is not so daunting, you will begin to see that what you are getting is freedom. You now have the freedom that will allow you to post what you want, when you want. Whether you want to talk about sports, politics, religion, entertainment, current events, fashion or some other topic, you can do so!

Many of us have so much to say, but we do not know the right way to communicate those thoughts. Yes, you can always post on social media, but long posts on Facebook can get a bit annoying to read. And you might find that your followers are not too happy that you are constantly posting these long articles on Facebook. So instead of doing that, why not have your own site? Then you can just link to the articles on social media with a brief description of your article. Those who want to read can go ahead – those who do not want to read it can just move on!


A lot of people think that you have to write in a certain way if you have your own site. That is just not true. You can have a site where you are sharing short stories, novel chapters, poems or any other type of content. There are no rules, and that is the beauty of the whole concept. You can share whatever you want. And you can share any type of content that is appealing to you. This is the freedom that you now have.

The final perk to having your own website is that you can even make a bit of money. Bloggers are not going to get rich anytime soon, unless they have 10,000 or more views a day. But you can make some decent money through ads. And most of the ads will just be the banner ones – so it is not as if you will be annoying your readers with popup videos to make money! You are doing what you want, you are sharing things that are personal to you, and you are even getting some money out of it!